Secondary Objective: Survive

SOS is my mod for the freeware game Notrium.

It’s a 2D top-down game about survival on an alien planet. You are a cyborg slave, waking to find your ship crashed, and the human crew dead. You have to find food and water, build weapons and defend yourself, investigate the unusual creatures of the world, and try to repair the spaceship to escape.

You can download the original Notrium here.
You can download my mod here.

To install, extract the SOS .zip file into the directory you installed Notrium into. Then to run the mod, select ‘SOS’ under the mod option when starting a new game.

Play on the easy difficulty setting the first time you play the game. This includes a short sequence that introduces you to the controls and the world. For later attempts, the default medium setting skips this. In almost all other aspects, the three difficulty settings are the same.