Spore Creature Creator

The above are my creations made using the Spore Creature Creator. They’re not just pictures, each of those files contains the data for the actual creature as well. You can just drag them from the browser into the creature creator to load them up and walk them about.

You can also click on any of the above creatures to see their entries on the Sporepedia, or on any of the pictures below to go to my flickr photostream.

Below was the first creature I made with the trial that I liked. I gleefully discovered you could rip limbs apart and glue them back together by holding down the Ctrl key, so I started trying to make unusual leg arrangements. I discovered that longer legs gave you much smoother, more natural movements, which gave rise to the Creepbeak. I imagine this guy as a predator in a jungle environment, disguising himself from smaller prey as some kind of tree or creepers.

Further experimentation into bizaare legs gave rise to the Limbalossus. I tried to make a creature that was just a mass of limbs, all folding over and wrapping around each other. It’s got a wonderful walk animation where he appears to move along by rocking his body.

More playing about with legs. It’s the Fleshhenge! The living building/structure. His legs form a perfect circle when at rest, then explode into a spasming mass as soon as he starts to move. I was expecting the game to treat each side as a single leg, and move in a simple left/right rythm, but its movements are actually quite complex. Its quite surprising how natural it looks considering what I gave the game to work with.

Realising all of my previous creatures were quite animal, and mostly entirely faceless, I set out to make my first humanoid, or at least a creature capable of facial expression. This is Brainskin, the scaly muscly three-legged monkey. His stubby little arms give him some great expression doing the “hey you”, “cutie” and “point dance” animations. But what I love the most about Brainskin is his turtle-like ability to hide his head in his torso when sad or scared. I’m not sure I’d be able to recreate it, but I think it’s to do with most of his upper body bulk beind made of limb stumps, and not normal torso.

Brainskin sad
Brainskin very sad
Brainskin scared
Brainskin very scared

This is the Preyworm. Since the purpose of the early release of the Creature Creator, and of the Sporepedia, is for Maxis to gather creatures to populate the Spore Universe in the final game, I thought I should create some poor little herbivores for all the player-controlled carnivores to eat. Hence, the Preyworm. Its Sporepedia description says “Tasty little creature with no legs, no defences, and lots of protein and vitamins.”

This was my final play with the limb editor. The Spring Stomper. Two legs, with as many joints as possible, and therefore as long an extended length as possible. This one breaks the game a bit, in rather amusing fashion. Load it up, and ask it to do the ‘sumo’, or be ‘angry’. It will stick its legs through the skybox.