Three Body Problem

My favourite opening move

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From an initial set of data specifying the positions, masses and velocities of three bodies for a particular point in time, find the optimal path for the third body to avoid a collision and reach the provided destination.

Avoid making mistakes for high score.

Three Body Problem is my first real attempt at making a challenging high score game.

I’m quite pleased to finally release it. I think I’ve been rather ridiculously perfectionist about it, for such a small game. It spent about a year just sitting on my hard drive, practically finished, just waiting to be given a name. You can thank Martin Hollis for finally providing the title that enabled me to let it go.

I have my own web player page for it, but I’m also trying out hosting on kongregate, which is currently the only version with an online high score table. Download links for Windows and Mac and more information about the game are on the page in my site’s games section.