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Three Body Problem

From an initial set of data specifying the positions, masses and velocities of three bodies for a particular point in time, find the optimal path for the third body to avoid a collision and reach the provided destination.

Avoid making mistakes for high score.

My first attempt at a challenging high score game, made during my last year at university.
First released December 2012.

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A music video game.
You control a spacecraft as it launches from a planet and ventures on its first journey into space. It turns out space isn’t terribly friendly to you.

Reset was made in a month using Game Maker, with no programming experience. Despite this, it is still the game I am most proud to have made.
First released November 2008.

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Suspiciously Spherical
A stealth puzzle game. You are an anthropomorphised rolling ball, in a place where it is not good to be an anthropomorphised rolling ball. You must escape detection by the sentries, and make your way to the exit.

Suspiciously Spherical was made in two months using 3D Game Studio for a university project.
Created January 2009.

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Secondary Objective: Survive
A mod for the freeware game Notrium about survival on an alien planet.

SOS was made over the course of a few years before I had any ambitions for game development as anything other than a hobby.
First released May 2008.