Secondary Objective: Survive

SOS is my mod for the freeware game Notrium.

It’s a 2D top-down game about survival on an alien planet. You are a cyborg slave, waking to find your ship crashed, and the human crew dead. You have to find food and water, build weapons and defend yourself, investigate the unusual creatures of the world, and try to repair the spaceship to escape.

You can download the original Notrium here.
You can download my mod here.

To install, extract the SOS .zip file into the directory you installed Notrium into. Then to run the mod, select ‘SOS’ under the mod option when starting a new game.

Play on the easy difficulty setting the first time you play the game. This includes a short sequence that introduces you to the controls and the world. For later attempts, the default medium setting skips this. In almost all other aspects, the three difficulty settings are the same.

Insurgency: Outgunned

“Dude, there’s pride and stupidity, and you are massively outgunned.”

A video of a battle in Eve Online.

A coalition of hundreds of pilots gathers to attack the territory of Insurgency. The two forces gather either side of a stargate, the Insurgency force wildly outnumbered.

The non-aggression pact ends, and the war begins.

It’s very different to my last video. Much slower paced, and showing a bit more of the story behind it.

Length: 3:49
Size: 87MB

Eve Files download
EveTube link
YouTube link

Eve-Online forum thread

Music: Hidden Mementos by Jon Hallur
Map image based on the 2D EveMaps by Ombey

Insurgency: Conqueror

A short movie to celebrate Insurgency’s territorial victory against Stella Polar and Phoenix Allianz in the Branch region of Eve Online. I first released this movie on 24th March 08.

It features spaceships, explosions, laughter, a lot of drums, and a scottish alliance leader taking a shitbeating.

It’s not the kind of Eve movie I usually like to watch myself. I prefer the ones that actually tell a story over those that are pretty lights set to music. But I made this for my video editing coursework, and it had to be something under three minutes long with visuals matching some music.

Length: 2:23
Filesize: 92 MB

EveFiles download
Youtube for the lazy

Music: The Art of War by Valve.