Insurgency: Outgunned

“Dude, there’s pride and stupidity, and you are massively outgunned.”

A video of a battle in Eve Online.

A coalition of hundreds of pilots gathers to attack the territory of Insurgency. The two forces gather either side of a stargate, the Insurgency force wildly outnumbered.

The non-aggression pact ends, and the war begins.

It’s very different to my last video. Much slower paced, and showing a bit more of the story behind it.

Length: 3:49
Size: 87MB

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Music: Hidden Mementos by Jon Hallur
Map image based on the 2D EveMaps by Ombey

Insurgency: Conqueror

A short movie to celebrate Insurgency’s territorial victory against Stella Polar and Phoenix Allianz in the Branch region of Eve Online. I first released this movie on 24th March 08.

It features spaceships, explosions, laughter, a lot of drums, and a scottish alliance leader taking a shitbeating.

It’s not the kind of Eve movie I usually like to watch myself. I prefer the ones that actually tell a story over those that are pretty lights set to music. But I made this for my video editing coursework, and it had to be something under three minutes long with visuals matching some music.

Length: 2:23
Filesize: 92 MB

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Music: The Art of War by Valve.